3-way side bipole speaker thoughts.

Hi folks,
I'm tempted of reading on bipole projects again, due to the reason one can neglect the baffle step compensation network, thus increase efficiency in the bass region.
I'm aware of the bipole dip of face-back bipoles and I'm wondering if two side midbass speakers would work.
However next come the following challenge - directivity limitation of side speakers. That limits the project to go above 2 way and puts it into 3-way, where a midrange is needed.

Another challenge would be the back location of the speakers, hence their acoustic centers located way back. How does one time align such projects?
What other challenges do you think the designer would have to face?
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I should have said sensitivity. Efficiency doesn't change but sensitivity increases.

Of course if the patterns overlap that would be the only benefit but you're right about that doubt. I had this conversation with @planet10 who had just been looking at the KEF Blade. It seems if you want to do a side woofer project you'll need to measure and adjust as you go.. just like we do in any DIY project :)