3-way setup

hey everybody, I'm in the process of building a 3-way monitor setup for my room. I choose a 3-way because i wanted good midrange that's brought up and detailed and also i can use the datyon 8" woofer that i have. I do not want to use a sub so I figure a 1cuft tune to 35hz should be fine for music. Anyways, here's how I have it hook up right now.

LCY110 HP @ 3khz w/ 12db slope
Dayton Reference 6" LP @ 2.5khz w/ 12db slope and HP @ 200hz w/12db
Datyon 8" dvc woofer LP @ 160 w/ 6db slope.

What do you guys think about this setup. I currently have one side all hooked on the right channel and it sounds really good to me. Im using my Eclipse CA8454 3-way crossover in my room as an active setup, but once i decide on what to do I will built the crossover.

Another thing, I have the LCY130 and the Morel MW-167 in my car on a 2-way active setup. the LCY is HP @ 2.5khz w/ 24db slope but now that i'll be runing it @ only 12db but at 3khz, will this hurt the ribbons? I know it plays down to 2khz and even lower but that's with a very steep slope. It seems fine, but I could be wrong.

Im still pretty new at diy home audio, so any help will be greatly apreciated. Thanks