3 way OB build need help with a crossover


2019-10-28 7:02 pm
Hello there I have my open baffle speakers built in a three way set up. I have one 12inch woofer evm 12l, a 10inch evm 10m and a temporary Boston Acoustics tweeter from the cr7s.

My question is what crossover is nessesary to drive these speakers to achieve the best sound quality?

I am either going to make one myself or buy one off of eBay. On eBay I see a lot of crossovers that say 625hz to 5k hz, from my knowledge i think I am going to need something capable of a lower frequency. Is this correct? Any recommendations or build suggestions are appreciated.

This is my first post on this forum but have been using this site for reference for a few years now. *Cheers*