3 way front loaded horn help

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With my TT nearly complete Im planning a horn build. They cant be extremly massive with 100cm horns or 2meter bass horns due to wife approval.
Here is what I am thinking of so far, any help is appreciated as I have never built speakers before

For the highs these drivers Fostex T900A

For the mids a horn an AH-425 from Azura horns, although I am undecided on which driver to use
Azurahorn -Le Cleac'h Acoustic Horns - Products

Then the bass is the hard part, i would like to keep the build to a maximum width of 350mm and under 1600 high, any suggestion?

[1] A low WAF is incompatible with placement of a real, all-horn system in your home. So, work on increasing WAF. Jointly audit some all horn systems, and take her to dinner afterwards. Involve her in the development process. From time to time, ask for her opinion on enclosure aesthetics and how to improve it.

[2] The dimensions of a real bass horn, that does not get its extension from a room corner:
a. will unload the driver at about 100 Hz and below
b. will not physically fit in your listening space.

Use a corner horn, otherwise, no horn at all for bass reproduction.

[3] At the bottom end, use a muscular transistor amplifier and servo control for a power source. A wimpy tube amplifier is not going to help you here, particularly if footprint reduction remains a requirement.


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Does anyone know what type of enclosure this bass "horn" is

Avantgarde Acoustic Hornlautsprecher

Here are 2 bass horns ("stand" type)calculated by my method (at my knowledge there is at the moment half a dozen French audiophiles using such bass horns):

builder : Frederic Lebas :

builder : Jean-Paul X. :

Also here attached a projection on the floor of a "stand" corner bass horn (in red).

Total width 3 meter, depth 1.5meter.

Best regards from Paris, France

Jean-Michel Le Cléac'h


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Thankyou Jmmlc, they are some well thought out designs which I am sure were years in the making.

I think i will use 1 or 2 15's in a more standard enclosure for now, with some equalisation. I need to confirm the quality of the dcm 50 and the T500A mkII and would like any opinions of users of either of these components.
Yes, I have been trying to convince myself the AH 300 would be suitable, I love the aesthetic simple beauty of them. However I am not will to have a honky horn. The Azura horn or the LeCleach'h horn in the confusing bulk/group buy look the go.
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