3 Way Floor Stander With Eaton 7-318/4-318

I've been messing around with some high end speakers in XSim. Maybe I'll come into some money and I can actually build these. For right now I'm building virtual speakers if there is such a thing.

I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with the EATON Arcosia line of drivers? Eton 7-318 Arcosia woofer

They sure do look pretty but they are made in Germany which means you will have to take out a second mortgage on your house to afford them.:eek: The 7" woofer is $479.00 per driver at Madisound and the speakers I'm modeling gets 4 of these bad boys plus 2 of the 4" versions for mids with the Santori tw29b finishing out the top end. Yea. These would be very expensive speakers to build so I don't know if they will ever become a reality but they seem to play together quite nicely in XSim.

I've searched the forum for EATON 7-318 but it comes back nada. Someone here has to have some experience with these drivers, I hope. Just want someones take on them. Any suggestions with what I've done in XSim would be welcomed too. Some of the component values in the crossovers maybe hard to get so there might some changes needed there if I ever am able to make these.


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