3-Way Earphones - $1150

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I came across an article about these in the current issue of Popular Science -


There is a link to the manufacturer on the page, but here is a direct link to the particular product:


This is just an FYI of what's out there - I have not seen anything like this before, and I have no idea what they sound like. There is not much technical detail about how the tiny individual drivers work or how clean they really are; the only thing I'd say is that for the money one could certainly build a very nice set of traditional loudspeakers, which is my preferred way of listening to music.

But I suppose these have their place, say at the gym, the office, studio etc. - as long as you're fairly affluent, or an audiophile, or both.

P.S. - does anybody have any idea how the crossovers in something like this work? Are they electronic?
Tosh said:
16.5 kHz top end? Lame.
$1150? Hella lame. There a fantastic headphones for a third of this price.
Three (or four?) drivers? Supremely lame: The lack of crossovers is a headphone advantage.
Sounds like an answer to a question nobody asked.

I would tend to agree with this. Yes a 3-way speaker of any kind that only goes to 16.5k is, well, yeah lame. Remember though that these are essentially earbuds rather than headphones so these should only be compared to other earbuds.

That said, however, in placing the post I was really just curious about the design of the drivers and crossovers - everything must be extremely miniaturized in something like this.
One of the biggest advantage of these thingies is that they can be fitted to our ear canal. This is quite important if you use them on stage for monitoring. Even more if you are a singer.

Some of the Shure models can be fitted that way as well (and they are way cheaper). I don't know how this fittings are called in English. In German it is called "Otoplastik" and has to be made by those guys who fit hearing aids.


You just reminded me, you can go down to your local Audiologist and have them make molds of your ears and then universal "in the canal" headphone receptacles. They allow you to insert any standard size "ear bud" headphones into them. Depending on where you go, they cost between $100 and $300.
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