3 way crossover design

Hi guys, this is my first time building a 3 way speaker. I was wondering if my crossover design is any good. Id like the crossover to be 250hz/2500hz. Any tips on how to improve it, or is it better to measure the speaker after i purchase them and then make the crossover
For improving such a crossover, you need to build the enclosure and make tests = measurements and listening...

This seems stupid as simulators are very performant today, but all the loudspeaker builders firms still do this today, because there's always surprises between simulation and reality ! I mean : the simulation is at least a starting point.

But over the simulation, the final result can be quite different : attenuators or transistion frequencies may need ear tweaking in the end - that's often what I've seen in my DIY speaker builds...

But it's me OK ? ;)

The only correct way to design a speaker system crossover is to measure the actual driver' responses, multi axis at least 0-90 degrees (0-180 if possible).
The actual measured FR will vary from the factory provided IEC-baffle FR, due to the baffle step, diffraction etc.
The measurements should be 2-channel, providing the correct time impulse.
Those are just the very basic steps, many more details are involved in the process.
Suggested software for a simulation: VituixCAD2 https://kimmosaunisto.net/