3-way active. System config options?

My target is a pair of 3way active front speakers to be the L/C/R part of a 5.1 system. I will keep my AVamp as the AV switching centre and pre-amp. The AVamp will mix C into L&R when in 5.1 mode. I'll build 3 two channel chipamps.

Option 1 > DCX2496. (Easy. Flexible. Ugly. Lots of leads)
As I understand it I will have to turn the pre-amp up to feed a good level into the DCX. The chipamps will then require attenuation (not a problem as it makes them useable elsewhere). Or can I reduce the gain of the chipamps?
It doesn't seem right to attenuate and then amplify.

Option 2 > Filtered chipamps?
Can I just split the (say left channel) pre-out into 3 wires and send it to each amplifier. Then inside each amplifier have a bandpass filter and adjustable gain.
What are the complications of this approach?

I prefer option 2 as long as it's not beyond my ability. I'm not in a rush.