3-way accuton build


2020-01-08 1:00 pm
hello forum,

i was offered some farely cheap accuton drivers... 4 midbass c-158-8-085 and 2 woofers S220-6-221. i wasnt really planning a hifi build, but i guess its too good of an offer to pass, so ill build 2 speakers for my room...

i will either get 2 of the midbasses and go for a 2-way build (maybe something similar to the mundorf ma30),

or go 3-way... in case i choose the 3-way option: would it make sense to get all 4 midbasses, or just 2...? im not sure if the 2 s220s can keep up with 4 c158s or if a 1-1-1 setup would be more balanced?!

cheers, lisette


2020-01-08 1:00 pm
all pretty cool ideas, ty. however i think 2 MA30s is probably the way to go for me, my room is just ~20m^2, a bass extension seems kinda overkill :/ i might just resell the other drivers or just get 2 c-158s...

now i will try to recreate the crossover mundorf designed for the ma30... seems to be a -6db x-over at 3450Hz with 2 notch-filters (1 at 3450 for the tweeter and one at ~3200 for the midbass)

i found this partlist and diagram:

i don't understand the wiring of the components yet, will try to figure this out now, any help would be appreciated... the only other info i have is : "Elektrotechnisch ist das Layout der MA30 Frequenz-Weiche ohne parallel verschaltete Bauteile rein seriell und für Bi-Wiring bzw. Bi_Amping ausgelegt", which translates into something like "the layout of the x-over comes without parallel parts in a serial layout for bi-wiring/bi-amping"

cheers, lisette
Mundorf MA30
It must be something close to this.


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