3 or4 inch driver just can't decide

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I want to build some new desktop speakers, I have a pair of Audax full range drivers in a not well aligned 1/4 wave style pipe but they are missing the top end. I don't really want to go much above £50 on the pair, so far I have seen many that would seem to cover my needs the W3-871 and the Mark Audio CHR70 stick out. Are there any others that look decent that are worth considering or importantly any dogs that I should avoid. I only have about 8w to play with so something moderately efficient would be nice. I am looking for driver suggestions more than box ideas, just incase I have missed something worth looking at.
The Faital Pro's look tempting and if they are as good as some have said a bargain, I shall read up on them some more. Plus I am not sure as of yet if I will go with a full range on its own or build a form of micro Fast in the long term. We are looking to move so I don't want to make or spend a fortune on something if I can build something much bigger later.
Would Fostex FF85WK be outside of budget?

At the moment yes, as we are looking to move I don't want to spend on a driver I may not use in the longer term, eventually I hope that we will have enough space to have some larger speakers. The speakers that are knocking around from temp use older builds etc will be used for multi room where they will be mostly background so not bothered if they are perfect either.
There isn't a great deal of choice in the UK in that price bracket; while you can get a reasonable number of drivers, shipping & any import taxes etc. tend to put the cost up.

You may want to look at the Monacor SPX-31M if you want a moderate Q 3in; it's hovering just below 0.6. It's out of the Tang Band factory AFAIK, so it's reasonable little unit. The basket / frame isn't the best, but for the money you can't really complain.
Ron, what have you been up to?!
That would take up a LOT of OT.
So in 3 words or less in sequence:
Dad died,brother died,started a business,made money,went broke,had a stroke,recovered,got healthy,work out,run,buy sports car,buy motorcycle,look 20 yrs younger.Ladies hit on me(okok so its 4 words)

Really not into SD at this time. Present system Klipsch Forte 2(re-did Xovers),restored Marantz 2230 (hopped up),Blue ray player.
Yes it does not image like a SD, but has a massive presence.
I know this is OT but. Your health can only help with the things you enjoy. Music, life,hobbies (like DIY Audio).
Reason i quit(temporarily) diy audio is i realized there is no one set of ears. Everybody hears differently, so designing for everybody is really impossibly.
I still study sound as its a part of physics. I developed a scanning system using 10 Mhz immersion ultrasonic s that is being used in the study of Cs grain structures. So i am still in the game, but at a higher frequency.
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