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For Sale 3 Executone 6L6 PA Amps

Things you have for sale.
3 Executone PA amps available, 2 with matching date codes and power transformers, one a few months older with a slightly smaller power transformer. Same output transformer on all three. One original cover/cage will be included with the older unit. Untested, no tubes. No obvious damage except for the usual dirt and corrosion. I believe these were working when removed from a factory facility about 25 year ago, have been in storage since. No tubes, but each unit has one preamp tube shield that I neglected to include in the pictures.

Asking $60 each, $110 for the matched pair, or $150 for all three. Shipping at buyers expense at 20lbs per unit from 11542. (I would pack two in a box at 40lbs and use a second box for the third to keep the weight manageable.) More pics available on request.

I'm not very active here on diyAudio, but I'm JonL on AudioKarma and enginejon2003 on eBay if you want to check me out.

Note the difference in PT size.