3 band eq with ballance and gain


2008-01-31 1:17 pm
im not sure which forum to post this on but i am trying to build a mixer for dj purposes
i know i could buy one but thats no fun and i would like it to be valve based with solid state source selection and also a cross fader with curve adjust this bit i may need to rob from a defunct mixer altho someone may know about optical liniar pots and how to adjust their curve
now to the eq i would like the maximum amount of attenuation possible 20-30 db with 12db or so boost with low mid and high cuts and gain controll and ballance
can anyone help with a good schematic
then i need to find good circuits for phono pre amps head phone amp and line pre amps all tube based
hopefully this should culminate in a one of a kind mixer
any help greatly appritiated but the more simple the better im no electronics wiz
many thanks
Well I don"t know about a Tube based EQ but I have a couple schematics for Pretty good Active solid State 3 Band EQ that only use a single Opamp, I suppose you could add a tube input/output if you wanted....

Most tube amp tone controlls I have seen were passive so they would only cut frequencies and not Boost them so you should get a better responce with a simpler curcuit useing an active Tone controll.....


What you want to build seems very ambitous, the best of luck to you...



2011-07-27 7:37 pm
Need a little help with this


I am an intermediate guitar effects builder and would like to adapt this to an effect that my partner and I have developed.

Not being really knowledgeable of IC chips, can you tell me what types of voltage should be applied at the VCC+ and VCC- pins?

I guess I am having a hard time, since most of what I have done has been a straight 9V or maybe 4.5V to one pin and ground to the other.