2x12 guitar cab for Line 6 Spider III HD 75

Merry Christmas everybody ! :santa3:

A couple of days ago I bought an used Line 6 Spider III HD75 guitar head. I need a cab for that head and think that a 2x12 configuration is suitable for my home requirements. The Line 6 is a mono 4 ohms head. Has anybody any diagrams, ideas, suggestions, tips or something useful to start ? :)

One has to be careful with modelling amps. The Line 6 amps include modelling of the speaker characteristics, and so they already include the rather evil frequency anomalies that the favourite guitar speakers have. They also try to model some of the non-linear effects too. The upshot is that using a good guitar speaker with a modelling amp usually results in a rather poor outcome. Those that have built their own cabs have found that more neutral speakers work much better - basically those drivers that are either known for a much more neutral sound, or speakers intended for PA use. So EV and JBL drivers are good (but seriously expensive) or you could look to the Eminence range, but don't go the guitar speakers, but go to the PA speakers. I have a feeling that Line 6 use a custom Eminence speaker in their cabs, but I'm not totally sure.

That said, you can also turn the cab modelling off in the head. Then you need/want a guitar speaker. The world is then your oyster. Well up to a point. Being a solid state amp it will have a relatively low output impedance, and so the interaction with the bass response will be different to a tube amp. This can can important.

Guitar speakers typically have a quite steep rolloff above 5kHz, so indeed there is little point worrying about a tweeter. The actual dimensions of the speaker cabinets is actually a bit arbitrary. Usually it has been more about getting the most value out of a sheet of plywood, than any real science or design. The main difference in styles is open back versus closed back. As a terrible oversimplification, open is the Fender way, closed the Marshall. But the distinctive sounds of the two, do to some extent come from this. Closed cabs have a noticeably higher Qts, and this leads to punchy bass. Open have lower Qts and the radiation from the back gives the whole thing a more airy feel. There are a great many designs for cabs on the net. Google will probably turn up quite a few.

A good start would actually to have a look at the forums at: http://line6.com/support/index.jspa There are discussions of exactly this topic. Won't help your shipping problems however.