2x10 or 1x12" UK Woofer suggestions please.

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I am building something along the lines of this. A Bass cabinet to sit under an Mark Audio Alpair 7.3.
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Either 1x12" or 2x10" per side, ala B&W 800.

I am looking for recommendations available in the UK. Ideally under £300 but open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
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Volt or Beyma

Hi Studio A

A single 12 inch Beyma 12SW 1300 Nd is great option, I have one in an 80 litre sealed box and with a little bit of Eq I get really rich supple bass, esp upright bass, Cello and left hand piano, very natural and clear.
The driver is a real Pro unit and can handle a genuine 1,000 watts ( AES ) and as the driver is reasonably sensitive between 30Hz and 120 Hz you can get a good 100dB continuous with 110dB peaks in room low distortion bass out of a pair.

Also great home cinema effects but here you really need two seperate subs, located in corners to get down to room shaking 20 Hz depths.

Try a pair, you wont regret it!!
All the best
Mini DSP & Beyma

Mini DSP is just about the best value for money in audio, great combo with the Beyma as you can exploit the massive headroom and power handling of the driver.
You will need lots of power to avoid amp clipping, a good 500 watts of clean power is great, more is better!
Keep an eye on excursion if you start boosting more than about 6dB to 8dB low down. Good room measurement software and a mic are invaluable.

Fab Filter and Blue Cat Audio offer great deals on studio grade plugins.
JRiver with JPlay is also a stunning way to go, you can use the JRiver Eq based on room measurements with Fab Filter or Blue Cat.
Using JRiver is great, all 64 bit internal processing so no digital losses from volume and or DSP.

I was just looking at these a couple of days ago. They look reasonable and pricing is comparable to the Visaton i mentioned, maybe a little cheaper. I have no idea of their quality though, since have not used Alcone before. They do look like am interesting proposition. The kits they're used in look good value too.
@ Chris.

Fast system for Mark Audio Alpair 7.3. Domestic levels, for music and movies.

To handle the low end, actively crossed. Amps to be decided upon (I have some old Rotel power amps I can use).

Cabinet will be made to match, B&W 800 series in style with a curved back panel, as big or small as I need/want.
IMHO, avoid PA bass drivers. There's better bass extension and output available elsewhere: PA drivers are concerned primarily with efficiency, so (Hoffman at work) will often require huge cabinets to give much bass extension.

For movies etc, I'd push even harder for some kind of sub + PR cabinet. Peerless would be my primary choice - their subwoofers are highly regarded.

Given that you'll be bi-amping, there's no need for the extra efficiency given by a PA driver (remember - very few 12" PA drivers are close to subwoofers. 18"ers do that).

Thanks Chris.

These are going to be low end reinforcement.

I would like to add a big sub at a later date. Had a 15" pa running completely open maybe I can squeeze and 18" sub in at a later date. That means these should be woofers and not subs.

It's a shame there isn't a really nice list/database of drivers that work very well together. With so many to choose from and so many varying parameters. Making the right decision is tough.

I think I most definitely want 2 x 10" home audio efficient woofers per side as these will match the diameter of the turned cabinet on top, an hopefully look balanced.

Under £100 each. That's $150 with taxes and shipping.

I should write a short list....any more recommendations?
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