• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

2W on 8Ohm OTL amplifier?

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bump.. I too want to see more of flea-powered OTL.

Here's something i simulated recently.. a pair of 6AS7/6080 triodes for each channel. The use of output coupling capacitor was intentional as i want to avoid using DC servo (which complicates the PS requirement, if not else). Overall, one heater power supply, one 300VDC HT and one -32VDC bias is all it needs for two channels.

The LTP perhaps can use 6SN7/6N8S if you want to run more plate current.. but considering 6AS7 is low mu, i think 1.5mA is enough to cope with the miller capacitance. It's a trade off between open loop gain and plate current.

It's not exactly 2W.. output is 5Vpk to 8ohm which translates to 1.5W. THD is 0.83%. I'm sure it can be improved.


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I did exactly this and used 3 x 6C41 in parallel per channel as source followers with choke load . Input stage was a type 26 , driver a 6SN7 . Very impractical and required an enormous heater transformer . Using a single RD16HHF1 MOSFET was a much more compact , better sounding solution

There are several problems of designing a low power OTL like output impedance and effciency

Even when using the inverted Futterman configuration which give the lowest possible output impedance, smaller tubes will give quite high output impedance, here are some examples for various tubes that have been used in OTLs, this is for one pair.

6C33C 11ohm
6C41C 20ohm
6AS7G 20ohm both sections in parallel
6C19 50ohm

So more feedback is needed with the smaller tubes.

Another issue is that effciency will be even lower for a low power amp, our high power 80W amp has about 1.6 times higher efficiency than the 25W version.
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A scaled-down version of my 25W (10X6c19p)per channel model. Just 2X6c19p per channel will give 2W+ output with very good damping and distortion.Preamp/driver tubes uses are all 6n1p or a mix of other tubes like 6sn7, 6n6, 5687, damping is adjustable with VR1.


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This one I like it! Thanks Koonw!
Could you show me your PSU?

No problem, since I don't have one for scaled-down version, so I give you PSU for 25W model, it will give you some ideas. Please ask if any question. It has speaker protection unit, soft start included.


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