2U Mini Dissipante Project Ideas - Repurposing ACA Enclosure


I built the ACA, which was great.. but only a speed bump on the way to bigger and better things (The F5.)

Just curious what folks have done with their 2U Mini Dissipante chassis that the ACA uses, when they have moved on from the ACA.

Another way of asking is: What other projects need the amount of heat dissipation that chassis provides?




2017-11-24 11:21 pm
Madison WI
How about another power amplifier? Maybe something class AB that is biased more heavily towards class A? One amp I've always liked is the MC series from MC^2. IIRC, they are class A up to something like 20 or 25W. This is, IMO, the best of both worlds. The downside is that they aren't quiet- they need a fair bit of airflow, and the way that air moves creates a fair bit of noise (so replacing the fans doesn't help a whole lot).

That said, you have all the benefits of class A where it matters, but you can still have the power for large bass transients without creating an amplifier that replaces your furnace. Your ACA enclosure could be perfect for that. Maybe build something in the 25-35W range that is Class A up to perhaps five watts. Not sure what the heatsinks on that chassis can dissipate.