2SK389 and 2SJ109 pinout or data sheets

I'm looking at building a Borbely All Fet super shunt regulator. This calls for the 2SK389 and 2SJ109 dual jfets.

These are difficult to source from reliable sources and relatively expensive, so much so that they are more expensive than the transformer is priced at.

I'm aware you can use matched 2SK170/2SJ74 in place of the duals.

I'm looking for the data sheets or pin outs of the 2SK389 and 2SJ109 to see how the k170/J74s would be connected in circuit.

Any help/info would be greatly appreciated.
Google works just fine...
- But if you're realle lazy, then just remember that they should be facing opposite direction and you should allways be able to see the text on the one at your left...

Yeah, thanks for that brilliant reply, really helpful. Why would someone even reply with that?

I've googled and searched for them here before posting , came up with nothing regarding actual data sheets. I thought someone here might have them handy.
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