2sk216 T0220 Marking

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I have bought the 2SK216 from Farnell and it has following markings on the TO220 package (from renesas)

1 A1

At the begining I thought it is an error and that they have send me the 2SJ117. I called them and after the "exchange" of goods I'v got the same J117 :( I called the customer/technical support and they told me that they look in to it. No reply still.... So I thought some of you could help me.

Am I wrong to think that they send me the SJ117?

Since one is p channel and the other n is there a simple non destructive test to verify my claims? The MOS is 8$ a piece and I do not want to destroy it.

Thank you in advance,
Test to verify P or N channel:

You'll need to whip up a test jig to do this.
You'll need a variable voltage supply, something like 0-12 volts.

connect an ohmmeter to Drain and Source .

Connect the negative of power supply to source.
Set power supply to minimum voltage ( below 2V)
connect positive of supply to gate through a 100 ohm resistor.
slowly increase PS voltage and note ohmmeter reading.
if Ohms reading drops as gate voiltage increases, you have an N-channel fet.

to test for the P-channel fet, you reverse the Power supply polarities and repeat.

Thanks a lot!

We have a probe station that can test the transistors but for me it seemed to much work just to verify one trnsistor. I did it your way and it proved to be p chanel MOS not n as 2SK216 should be.

Now for me what rests is to wait on farnell and negociate at least couple of good ones for my trouble ;)
Small chance for something like that.

Anyway just to finish the whole story. They have found out I was right. They contacted Renesas and they confirmed that the transistor in question is 2SJ117 p chanel. Now, in their stock in Leeds the do not have anymore 2SK216 and I have to wait, as well as my small DIY project :( It seems that japanese transistors are rare in Switzerland. I have found one small seller that is even more expensive than Farnell (wanted like 15$ per transistor).

But, since I am doing my tube preamp for almost 1 year now (stupid decision to have remote controle) 'cos of lack of spare time I am getting use to it. Sometimes I think I should go to some shops by regular HiFi and quit the whole busines. ;)

Again thanks a lot for help
Don't give up

But is the application so critical that other 200V 0.5A Mosfets won't do?

I've adopted a chronic attitude of substitution, especially when I see Japanese parts specified. There's nothing a Japanese semiconductor can do that can't be done by others.

Yes I know, but the problem is that I have already done the PCB and most of Japanese transistors have different pinout.

Latest news is that I have to wait 112 days for the next order and farnell will not do special order if there is a small number of pieces. I have to look elsewere...
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.