2SK209/2SJ106 SPICE models?

Mr Evil said:
I don't know why they don't have any models for their devices there too.

Don't know either, but those "exotic" transistors are often hard to find too. Not sure who sells them...

I bet you could write a Spice model yourself from the data in the datasheet. N-JFETs are a base model in Spice, so you kinda only have to put the right parameters, and there you go. I'm not too keen on that, but maybe someone can help you with that...


2006-07-09 6:59 pm
2SJ106 is just an SMD version of 2SJ103.


Thank you Patrick. Are these reasonable, or do you have better values?

.model 2SK209BL njf vto = -0.7869
+ beta = 0.021 lambda = 6.15e-3 rd = 12.194
+ rs = 16.746 is = 2.613e-15 cgd = 1.458e-11
+ cgs = 1.478e-11 pb = 0.3754
+ fc = 0.5 N = 1

.MODEL 2SJ103BL PJF (BETA=898.438U IS=10F RD=200 CGD=11.9398P CGS=14.4P)


2006-07-09 6:59 pm
Here's some data that might be useful.


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2006-08-10 12:32 am
I made a model with the first curve in that data, using the BL model as a base.

.model 2SK209GR NJF ; keantoken 2020
; Data from luvdunhill at DIYAudio.com
; Id is low below <-450mVgs due to model.
+ Beta=21.85m Vto=-0.5359 Rd=12.194
+ Rs=13 Is=2.613f Cgd=14.58p Cgs=14.78p
+ Pb=0.3754 Fc=0.5 N=1 Kf=0.014f
+ Lambda=6.15m Mfg=Toshiba