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There is a series of old 3-pin N-cannel low noise & switching J-FET's called J108, J109 & J110. I think Siliconix began with them in the end of the 70's.
These types were later made by almost all manufacturers and are in large stocks. Just make a search on "siliconix j109" to see.

These are most confusing as the japanese don't print 2S before J109 on the actual 2SJ109 device.

So the 3-leg J109 is now misstaken for 2SJ109, even by many honest suppliers (if there are any).

So just ask if there is 3 or 7 legs on them.

JohanB :)

Tanks for reply
Things start to make much more sense now?

Hi there
I said they where going to be under £5

Once I got them it will depends on how far down that will go.

Hope they are not the J109 see abowe
You have first refusal.

I am waiting for supliers to confirm that they are 2SJ109
That what I have asked for if they send me samples even better
Hi there
It does appears that they are confusing them with J109 please see entry by JohanB

I will try to find out more.

If by chance I have stumbled on a source that had a large stock stashed away I will post again, but at this point I am 90% biased toward mistaken numbers.
Hi members,

I've thrown out a couple of hooks myself, for the 2SJ109-GR, as I've many 100's genuine Toshiba original 2SK389-GR's myself, but no 2SJ109-GR.

I submit an answer here that can be real or fakes. Even if I order samples that works, I don't know if the delivery later on will be real or fakes.

I give away this contact information to dyiAudio members, if anybody wants to investigate this company and offer. I cannot myself take the economical risk and go further with this quotation.

As they are situated in Schenzen in China, it would be difficult to prosecuting or demanding refound, if they are selling fakes.

Or they may be have been cheated themselfes, and don't know if they are fakes. Quite tricky for a non-technical trading company to judge....

If there is some members here in the Schenzen region or anywhere, that can investigate these claimed-to-be-real 2SJ109-GR, and supply the information here in the forum??????

Here is the return-mail I got and a picture of 2 devices, that is attached down here (with the same resolution i had from them).

Only to compare outlines and printing, I have also attached a second picture of my own 2SK389-GR (guaranteed NOS Toshibas).

Are these "Shenzen 109's" looking a little strange on the printing surface? Are they grinded on that surface and reprinted? :rolleyes:

dear Johan,
thank you for your inquiry,please check my quotation here.
2SJ109-GR TOSHIBA ZIP-7 1000PCS $4.85/PCS
in stock ,can delivery anytime!
becouse the parts have not write the date code. so i don't know the date code.

the picture are in attachment, please have a look if you need need this one.
and how many pcs do you need for samples?
we accept TT,Escrow,paypal, western union or others.

look forward your reply!

best regards,

Sarah Chen


Rm 706 , 40 Dong,Shangmeilin Xincun Futian Dis

Shenzhen , 518000 , China

Tel: 86-15889796104

Fax : 86-755-82957501

EMAIL: sarahchensm@gmail.com

MSN: sarahpalmary@hotmail.com

YAHOO: sarahpalmary@yahoo.com

SKYPE: sarahpalmary

???????? ????-??


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Hmmm... this is strange....

PALMARY INTERNATIONAL CO.,LIMITED seems to be a different company selling Honokiol Extract (Herbal Food Supplements) ??

Supplier's Contact Information

Palmary International Co., Limited
Year of Establishment: 2000
Ms. H. S. Ranganath (Manager)
Xian, Shaanxi, China - 710 100
Telephone: +(86)-(29)-88346312
Fax: +(86)-(29)-88346312

Not situated in Shenzhen!!!

On the link to the home site, ???????? ????-?? from "Palmary" opens a chinese page with a "Palmary" logo and another company name (in chinese only):

派瑞国际有限公司 = Perry International Limited (google translate)

and a warning disclaimer note in chinese further down (translated in Google Translate):

Disclaimer Note: This shows the company within the retail information, product information and other relevant information provided by shops owned enterprises themselves, the authenticity of the information, accuracy and legitimacy of the shops owned enterprises fully responsible. Chinese suppliers to ensure that this does not bear any responsibility.
Special note: To protect your interests and transaction security, we recommend that you give priority in determining the choice of trade partners, corporate members and credit member name
View the business credit history

In search for Perry International Limited, I found only an UK company in computer business: (Registered No 01547346) Nothing in China.

Anybody have experiance about this???
I feel no good vibes......:eek:

And a third company name appears in the (Chinese) contact information site...and Sarah Chen is now Miss Chen Xiaojie........

Company: Paragon International Ltd
Contact: Miss Chen Xiaojie
Position: Sales Manager
Tel: 86-755-82957501
Fax: 86-755-82957501
Mobile: 15889796104
Other Contact: 15889796104
Address: Futian District, Shenzhen
Zip Code: 518000
Home: ???????? ????-??
Tjis is E mail I got
Julie chen

Dear Sir:

I was glad to received your inquiry.

This is Julie of HY(HK) IC LIMITED,from China.

Here we can offer:

2SJ109 100 TOSHIBA 08+ $3.50 TO-92


We give 30 days as guarantee for this part!

Waiting for your early reply!

B regards,
Julie Chen/Sales^^
2321 Nanguang Jiejia Shennan Rd.
Futian District Shenzhen,518033 China
Web: »ªÓ±(Ïã¸Û)¼¯³Éµç·ÓÐÏÞ¹«Ë¾-Ê×Ò³
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