2SJ and 2SK Power Mosfet Spice Models Requested

I wonder if any one has been succesful in obtaining spice models for the 2SJ and 2SK series of power MOSFETS that are useable or designed for audio work? I'm looking primarily for models of devices rated from 1 to 15 amps and 50 to 200 volt rating.

If at all possible I would like to avoid generating my own from data sheets and stick to what manufactures provide for their devices. I have found it to be somewhat difficult to locate models for these.

If anyone has these available and is willing to share please let me know.

John Fassotte
Alaskan Audio

I asked this question some years ago and never found any real manufacturer models. I did find an article by Marshall Leach (of the Low TIM AMp fame) that had some models that he built or acquired by some other means. He was playing around with with amp stability, compensation, that kind of stuff I believe.

Any interest? I can check my archive and see if I still have the papers
I was given a copy of a spice simulator some time ago and although I've found it useful for the basics and for the models included, I was wondering.

How do I go about creating a SPICE file of a particular transistor from the data sheets?

I'm not looking for models that someone else has created, I'm just looking to do this as a personal exercise and any advice you can give would be great.

Cheers in anticipation.


Converting data sheets into spice models is usually done with software packages these days. These convert the data entered into more or less the proper relationships and organize it in small text files in a way that simulators can use. There are quite a number of different model formats and not all are compatible.

Multisim has a model building package available for it and ICAP/4 has a DOS program that will also does this.

You can look at www.intusoft.com for information on ICAP/4

John Fassotte
Alaskan Audio