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2SA1943 & 2SC5200 for sale

Hi guys,
I've got 2SA1943 and 2SC5200 for sale.

I think they are well known, here are the specs:
Digi-Key - 2SC5200-OQ-ND (Manufacturer - 2SC5200-O(Q))
and Digi-Key - 2SA1943-OQ-ND (Manufacturer - 2SA1943-O(Q))

They are genuine Toshiba's. I will post some photos tomorrow (bad light right now)

Price is 2.99 pounds for a pair , excl shipping.

[IMGDEAD]https://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i167/jazko/DSC00715.jpg[/IMGDEAD] [IMGDEAD]https://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i167/jazko/DSC00717.jpg[/IMGDEAD]
Umut1001, you are a trial for my patience.:mad:
First you send me a PM after i asked jazko about shipping, and now you are threadjacking.
Funny thing is, that the offer i got is actually cheaper than the one you gave now.
Don't you have any shame at all ? With that kind of behavior i for one will absolutely not buy anything from you, and i ask you NOT to send me any more spam by PM.

Hi.I can supply.I have a box of them in store.3,28$/pair plus shipping.Shipping is 6,99$ for 10 pairs.If anyone interested please tell me.Thank you!


2010-10-02 7:16 pm