2N7000 PSpice model LT doesn't recognize, any solution?

The LTspice built-in NMOS symbol expects a device defined with the .MODEL directive, but your 2N7000 model is defined as a .SUBCKT. You need to use a different symbol when using a device defined as a subcircuit.

Attached is a subcircuit-compatible NMOS symbol (the x prefix identifies it as a subcircuit symbol). LTspice symbol files have an .asy extension but the forum won't allow uploading .asy files, so this symbol file is named xnmos.asy.txt. Rename the symbol file to xnmos.asy before trying to use it.

I hope this helps.


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You can create a symbol for each device subcircuit like you have done, and some people prefer that approach. But with the symbol I provided you can "share" that one symbol with other NMOS devices, just like you do with the LTspice built-in symbols. You just place that symbol on your schematic, include the model file on the schematic, and name the device instance to whatever the subcircuit name is. That's my preferred method because I only need one symbol, and can place all of the related SPICE models into one library file.
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This procedure works ( I tried it with the file in post #1):


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