25W TDA7492 and 50W TDA7492 ???

What's the difference between the 50W and 25 W versions of the TDA 7492 amps?

I am looking at both their photos carefully but I fail to find any. Perhaps it's just a matter of the power supply and/or input and output filter parts and the chips themselves?

I'd like to try both feeding my loudspeakers, a 25W feeding the mid-treble, and a 50W feeding the woofers.

Regards, WL
The difference between TDA7492 and TDA7492P lies in the in the overcurrent threshold which is 6A and 4.2A respectively. The lower current threshold of TDA7492P dictates a higher typical load impedance of 8 ohm compared to the 6 ohm of the TDA7492.

The difference is dictated by a lower maximum operating temperature probably due to the TDA7492P being produced using a cheaper technique or cheaper materials in the construction or both.
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