~$250 dj speakers


2013-03-29 7:04 pm
So I'm looking for some dj speakers for around 250 or less each. Cheaper is always better so I can invest in lights or something. Thinking about 15s, probably going to add a sub later when I have more money. I'm perfectly okay with going used. Now I'll be going to college soon so I think portability would be cool but I don't know. I just went to the music store and I really liked the peavy pvx15s. I was also considering carvin pm15s. But I could also get some yamaha s115vs for about 350 used. So basically I'm new at this mobile djing thing, and in your opinion, is the portability of the peavys/carvins worth the more money/slight sacrifice in sound over the yamahas? I know they have a bigger compression driver so does that make a big difference. How does the sound compare between them anyways. Or is there anything else better in this price range? I just really don't know what to do. Oh and I have a behringer ep1500 to power them. I know its not the best but oh well. I plan on playing mostly smallish/medium sized things, think like a wedding venue type of thing.

Also sorry if this makes no sense I really need sleep
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You can build nice stuff for cheaper than buying nice stuff. But in your budget you need to look at new & used stuff, and test it thoroughly. It amazes me how they can build some stuff overseas for less than I can buy the components and materials for. You can buy knock-down flat-packs to build trapezoid enclosures and components from Parts Express, but you can buy complete speaker systems for less money.

Shipping cost becomes the obvious problem with eBay, so sort by distance. Craigs List is a wonderful natural, with its local focus. They come up on shopgoodwill.com occasionally, and don't laugh, I've gotten some great stuff there. A really well-kept secret is the huge volume Guitar Center does in used equipment. They also generally test or service what they take in. And best of all for you (& ME) they have an online directory of their used stuff nationally, and they will ship it to your local store for nothing. You do buy it first, but if you don't like it when it arrives you just get a refund, no hassles. I started collecting a used unpopular niche model, and they had so many I could wait for the periodic price drop. If an item doesn't sell, their policy reduces the price accordign to a schedule. You can often find several of the same item for different prices.

Having been in the business, I will advise that it's nice to have flexible compatible units that you can reconfigure to match the venue and add to later. But Bose burned me badly when the foam surrounds rotted out on 256 drivers, so avoid foam surrounds.

Efficiency matters, and size matters.

Good luck, and follow your ears.
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Crossovers confused me too much so I gave up on the diy thing. I actually made up my mind and decided to get some yamaha s115vs, actually used at guitar center, for $350 shipped. I'm not excited about moving them but oh well. So yeah, this was pointless.

Yamaha clubs are fine and that is decent price "if they are functional". DIY Subwoofers can still beat most manufactured products dollar per dollar.
The nx300s look like a good deal. New theyre $800 a pair up here. Definetly need a sub though just to get some booty shakin'. Yorkville's a good name. Buying name brand used equipment is your best bet when starting out. That way it'll have good resale value when its time to upgrade.
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I'd stay away from any speakers that don't have cast aluminum frames. Stamped frames and rat fur carpet tends to mean "bedroom DJ" quality.

The cast frame Eminence 15" with the 80 oz magnet and 99 dB sensitivity makes for a loud speaker. I use those combined with an Eminence PSD2002 compression driver, Altec 1209 crossover, and a vintage JBL horn with acoustic lens. Eminence prices have risen (or the US dollar has declined) since I bought them, so $250 a speaker might be optimistic.

Take a look at what Parts Express have, and check out Speakerplans.com.

Buying used pro speakers is risky. Absolutely anything could have been done to them. Blown drivers could have been replaced with shoddy substitutes, or just wired up improperly.
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