24V to -24V?

Hi looking for some advice to point me in the right direction. I have a bunch of hefty output 24V dc wall-wart type things and want to build a few compact amps that can run off these things.

For the power levels I want it look like I have two options. Bump the 24V DC to 48V using a simple boost dc/dc and then call 24v ground.

Or Inverter the 24V to -24V and keep GND as GND. I prefer this plan, but I'm having a little trouble figuring out the best way.

Ideally it will track the positive rail and make the neagative rail the same.

The PSU will need about 50W rating.

Anyone done this before? Cheers. Ed
If you use the boost-and-split method, the LM675 datasheet at national.com has a schematic for a power rail-splitter. The same circuit could be used with other/bigger chipamps, if needed.

If you want low-noise, you might want to design for a few volts more output than you need, and use a CLC Pi-topology low-pass filter followed by a three-terminal adjustable linear regulator, for any SMPS output.