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24v fan at 12 volts.

I have bought some 2.25" square fans to possibly install into amp and power supply. I'm building them separately. They are 24v fans. They really move a lot of air, but they are a bit loud. Can I run them at 12v? I'm hoping they will move less air, and not be so noisy. Will they work at a lower voltage, and still be reliable? Thank you.


2006-06-22 6:57 am
Yep, you can run them lower most times. Just make sure they are able to self-start at the lower voltage.


Assuming they're the stock standard fans you'll usually find at electronics stores and the like, that should be fine. As rkinze said, you'll just have to confirm it kicks over, as there will be a point when you're lowering the voltage that they just don't have enough power to start.

For reference, I was working with some 30W LED's earlier, which I have mounted to a cheap OEM CPU heatsink and fan. Those fans are normally run at 12V, I have them running off a USB phone charger at 5V and they work perfectly.