20K pots

I've got some 20K military-type one-channel 0.25% pots (well 3 20K and one 30K). And was thinking if I could use them as volume control (they are of pretty low value) before a unity gain buffer (for the output of a crossover to set the low and high to the same efficiency). Since I only have enough for the highs (2 channels since I doubt I could use the 20K for left and 30K for right for the lows...). Could I use these as the volume controls for the highs and say a regular 2-channel alps 100K for the lows (I suppose it's better to use the high quality parts for the mid/high instead of the lows)?

I use two of these 0.25% pots for my main volume, but they're 100K and they sound oh so good, they're one channel but they're 10-turn so it's very easy to get the left equal to the right, and vice versa.