2020 Burning Amp Festival

personally, I would not even assume there IS going to be a public gathering known as BA, this year.

even if the lockdowns are over by then (likely they will be, but who knows) - I'm not sure its the smartest thing to consider flying, meeting and bringing our gear to a common area.

regardless of whether there is a BA this year or not, I'm taking a miss on it. sad to have to, but health is more important.

(maybe we can have a virtual one; somehow. not sure how that works - lots of webcam talks, maybe?)

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2011-05-27 3:27 pm
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If British doctor John Campbell is right, (link to his YouTube videos), the world will soon have two different COVID-19 tests. One will be an antigen test, which tells whether or not a person is currently infected with the virus (the "antigen"). Another test will be an antibody test, which tells whether or not a person's body has manufactured antibodies to fight off the COVID-19 virus. If so, it means the person was infected with COVID-19, and then recovered, and is now immune thanks to the antibodies in his/her blood.

If this prediction comes true, then people who test positive for COVID-19 antibodies are immune. And presumably the immune can attend as many public gatherings as they wish, including audio hobby meetings if so desired.
So we are gonna stay locked down after the lockdown? Allow our lives to be controlled by the lowest form of life on the planet? Maybe we should all dig our own individual caves and become a species of subterranean hermits? Or maybe we should digitize ourselves and never leave home again like a surrogates situation? Nope not even a little, sign me up for BA2020
Age and under lying medical issues increase the risks

Well, we didn't know about Covid-19 a few months ago.
And now things look break for the next few months.
Let's see what things look like in a few months after that.
We must be positive that this will pass, things will get back to the new normal.
Air travel will be safe, there may be further hoops to jump through, like health screening.
Hotels will be filling up and cruise ships will sail again when it is safe to do so.
Our econonmy will come back and we will be traveling internationally.
In the meantime, we certainly don't want to risk our treasures to Covid-19.

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life is too short to skip exquisite things
your quote is truer than you can imagine.we're looking at a year, realistically, before things are truly safe for people to congregate. LIFE IS TOO SHORT to blow it on something like this.

when its over, hopefully 2021, we can have a real celebration. until it safe for everyone, I say CALL IT OFF. period, full stop.
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I'm not sure what is realistic, we certainly don't know IMHO. Do you have a special info source that it will be a year?

The show's a solid 6 months off. I'm sure that if there were any doubt at that time Tom would call it off. The biggest risk to nailing down the date is that he could probably lose half the room fees, which is a lot!
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No Way to Know Right Now

We have right of first refusal on a date in late October at Fort Mason. For Burning Amp to occur this year we will need at end to social distancing requirements and a return of routine air travel. A month ago I thought this was likely. Now I am not so sure. We will be making a final go, no-go decision at the end of August.

In the meantime, I have some speakers to build......
Keep safe, and be well everybody. See you on the other side.

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2010-10-22 6:43 pm
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The best news we have is Tom V's mention that we have until August to make a decision on the venue dates. SO MUCH is going to happen between now and then it's not worth doing much more than watching this whole thing develop. I very much want to have a BAF this year, but only if it makes sense to do so. We've skipped years before to no detriment. Is that my first choice? Not really, but if the realties of the pandemic make it so, ok, no worries.

I have planned an awful lot of my yearly calendar around BAF for almost a decade. I want there to be one. But he's see what happens and how it unfolds.
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As much as I would like to attend the event (like pretty much everybody on this thread), let's wait and see how things go. It's still a bit early to say what can happen 4-6 months from now.

I'm sure everyone on this thread has thought, "I guess we could hold BAF next January and then the one after that in October." Why not add an "A" and "B" to BAF2021 ???

If that was the case, my frequent flyer miles would love that! :D
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Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
On the brighter side, here is a photo of our valiant crew assembling
ACP+ kits last year before the event. Mark (Variac) and Dana Brock
are the laborers. Jack is the supervisor.


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On the brighter side, here is a photo of our valiant crew assembling
ACP+ kits last year before the event. Mark (Variac) and Dana Brock
are the laborers. Jack is the supervisor.

I am incredibly grateful for your gift to the community and everyone's effort to put together the kits!

At this very moment, a little Van the Man and some Cat Stevens with the ACP+ and BA-3...

There are wonderful things to occupy our time until the next BAF, whenever that might be.

Stay well, everyone!


Note - 6L6, just because the hood's up, doesn't mean I'm tweaking anything. ;)

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