2018 Capital Audio Fest

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larryi1,918 posts
11-07-2018 5:46am
A few more comments about systems I heard at the show. First, one of the nicest and most helpful exhibitor at the show was the man running the VK Music room. He also had a very nice sounding system. The speakers consisted of a large acrylic horn with AER bd 3 full-range drivers attached to the horn; a small subwoofer, set to come in at a very low frequency and set to be barely on to help with the bottom end. The result was an extremely pure, clean and light-weight sound. This system was NOT for someone demanding bass, demanding high volume levels and screaming detail. VK Music also had on display a variety of kit amps, from Elekit. I particularly liked the sound from the single-ended 300 b kit amp. This seems to be quite a bargain, provided you can do some basic building (it comes with a large printed circuit board that is NOT stuffed with parts, you have to do that yourself).