~$200 DIY sub build


2015-04-09 9:29 pm
Hello all,
I am a relatively new member to DiyAudio. I completed an O2 headphone build several months ago, and now I want to build a sub for my home audio setup. My system consists of a pair of Wharfedale 10.SR bookshelf speakers driven by an old Pioneer AVR. The setup pulls double-duty as a music and home theater system, and i would like to aim for a sub that can do both (even if doing both means doing neither as well as a purpose-built sub coulee d). I know very little at this point so links to relevant forum posts would also be appreciated!

Finally, should i save myself some trouble and just buy a Bic F12 (or similar) because that's about as good as i'm going to be able to do in that price range?

I am gonna answer this because no one has yet. I have purchased the BIC F12 and built several DIY subwoofers. Depending on the size of your listening space, the BIC F12 is more than adequate. I am quite pleased with it and can barely turn it past quarter volume in my room which is like 12'w x 24'l. Otherwise it begins to dominate too much. Hope this helps.
p.s. I see Parts Express had the BIC F12 on sale for an excellent price.