2-way with Monacor

Good morning. I have these drivers: Monacor SP6-108 PRO mid woofer and Monacor AIRMT-85 tweeter. I would like to build a bookshelf bass reflex cabinet using them with a project similar to this of Troels Gravesen:


Can anyone help me expecially with crossover calculation?

In annex data of speakers.

Many thanks.


  • SP6108PRO - FRD.txt
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  • SP6108PRO - ZMA.txt
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  • AMT2-4 - FRD.txt
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2012-02-10 12:12 pm
Try this one: 18 litres, vent 2" by 5"; flat baffle, drivers centrally positioned as in Troels project.

tweeter filter: 5R6, 5.6uF, 0.15mH, 8.2uF (3rd order electrical, padding resistor before HP)
woofer filter: 2mH, 6.8uF ( 2nd order electrical)

xo frequency about 3kHz.

Drivers are wired out of phase.
This proposal is good enough for starters, final voicing is another matter which you can decide for yourself.