2-way vs 3-way

Are 2-way speakers better than 3-way speakers?

2-way speakers have the advantage of having fewer transitions, but they have the problem of not being able to play deep notes (30 hz<).

already 3-way speakers can play deep notes (30 hz <) more easily, in addition to containing a speaker designed for medium frequencies.

my question is, which one has a better soundstage.


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OK, but the answer doesn't change, i.e. 'soundstage' is about spacing speakers away from room boundaries, so guessing you really mean imaging, which is about polar response, ergo room size, shape, speaker relationship to the listening position(s) must be known, or a combination of these two (so called '3D' imaging), though again, number of drivers is much less important than their choices.

In theory and IME, some of the best 3D imaging was with the pioneer's 15" co-ax and tri-ax single drivers with neither having a clear advantage over the other except WRT to extreme HF limits, so driver quantity really depends on your budget, desired driver quality choices relative to the performance, any space limitations, etc., needs of your particular app.
I'm happy with 30-50 hz being 10 db down. I have my 2 ways backed against a hard plaster wall, so there is maybe +6db of room gain in the bass. Mine are +- 3 db 54-17 khz. I can't hear above 14 khz. 2nd & 3rd harmonic distortion are specified 20 db down from 54 to 12 khz, at 5 watts. I listen at 1/8 to 50 watts, with most of the time under 2 watts. There may be 3 ways as good as these, but I haven't heard any in this flyover city.