2 way speaker kit upgrade advice

Purchased 2 way Peerless DIY bookshelf system from the web. Construction first class but find the system harsh especially in treble area/higher freq. Would like some advice on upgrading ie tweeter/crossover design etc.


woofer... peerless 850122 6.5 CSX176H
tweeter..peerless 811827 25mm Dome Tweeter DT 100.http://www.d-s-t.com/link/peerless/data/811827.htm
rear vented, impedance 8ohms
Freq response 40Hz-20khz -3/+2db
sensitivity 88db
crossover freq 2700Hz
type 2nd order (12Db/octave) bessel filter
solen SCR capaictors,non-inductive resitors
dimensions 470 H x 220 W x 325 D 25mm mdf
full cabinet bracing,panel damping
volume 19 liters
port diameter 50mm
port length 90mm
port tuning freq 43hz
Wow, it's unreal how much those speakers are equal to the pair of bookshelfs I built. There are a couple differences:

I use 2700Hz butterworth filter instead of bessel.
I use the non-ferrofluid version of the tweeter.

Either way, I thought I would help out a little by posting my crossover schematic. If your tweeter uses a simple L-pad for the attenuation, all you need to do is change 2 resistors to lower the tweeter level to something less harsh. I use 5dB of attenuation on the tweeter.

2-Way Crossover Network
Low-Pass (LP) Filter: 1 required
Type: 2nd-Order Butterworth
Desired Corner Frequency: 2700 Hz
High-Pass (HP) Filter: 1 required
Type: 2nd-Order Butterworth
Desired Corner Frequency: 2700 Hz
C1 = 6.8 µF, Polypropylene, 0.0003 ohms
C2 = 5.1 µF, Polypropylene, 0.0002 ohms
L1 = 0.51 mH, Air Core(#16), 0.33 ohms
L2 = 0.68 mH, Air Core(#16), 0.38 ohms

Impedance EQ
Req = 6.8 ohms
Ce = 2.1 µF
L-Pad: 5.00 dB
Rp1 = 2.407 ohms
Rp2 = 7.067 ohms

Impedance EQ
Req = 7.5 ohms
Ce = 22 µF


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