2 way crossover with L-Pad ?

Need some help with a crossover for my latest project.

2 way
Both speakers 8 ohm.
I want to cross them at 600hz.
I'd like to incorporate an L-Pad for a little attenuation on the high end.
My amp is only 75w per channel (tube)
2nd order Butterworth sounds good (but what do I know)?

Can someone point me at a schematic?

Although I really appreciate good intentions, anything too complicated will be lost on me. Not a rocket scientist at electronics although I can get along ok with the simpler things.




2010-05-04 5:02 pm
1. Buy a variable 8Ω L-pad for the mid/high driver (what are you crossing at 600Hz? A full-range or a huge horn or something?) and wire it on the driver side of the crossover, like this one: L-Pad 50W Mono 1" Shaft 8 Ohm 260-255

2. For the rest, there is no way even close to right that is simple, but if you want to stick with simple... You can look up the impedance at 600Hz for both your drivers (hopefully you have impedance plots?), and put that into a calculator like this: http://www.diyaudioandvideo.com/Calculator/XOver/ You'll want to try both polarities for the upper driver. Probably best to cheat the impedance a little closer to 8Ω from whatever it actually is at 600Hz for the upper driver, because the L-pad will bring it closer to 8.
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