2 toroids in monoblock?

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But wouldn't that normally go hand in hand with a few more uF.

I can see where you might need lower profile so you are forced to use a lower VA transformer, but custom made cores are available for that task. I can't believe that a manufacturer would find it cheaper to fit two transformers in such a low spec amp.

Custom toroids cost a lot more. And the caps on the amplifier board is sufficient to smooth out the supply voltage.
I find it difficult to believe that such a spec amp is available as a monoblock - I suppose some guys will buy anything.

Jacco - can you expand on what GM literature is - General Motors ? Goose Milk ?

I suppose if they've bought 10000 transformers then they might have got a bargain.
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Looking at the pictures, I do not see any 'amplifier board' besides the small one with the rectifier and the 2x1000µF.


You're sure there is one?

I guess the amp is in a separate enclosure.

Wich ofcourse is WRONG.

Thats what there is.
And then GOLDMUND have their trust in the simple fact that the toroids delivers such power that any further smoothing of the supply voltage is unnecessary.

Would liked to find the specs...
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I think you are wrong. That's all there is. Looks inspired by the Gaincard philosophy of minimum capacitance. I wonder if there is any bass.

Why not read all I wrote? :D
Already near half an hour before You put in this post, I corrected myself.

I am looking to find something about this amp.

Look at this.

Seems good to me, both performance and bass.

- Nominal power : 200 W RMS (2 - 8 Ohms). 100 W RMS (1 - 16 Ohms).
- Maximum power : > 300 W RMS (3 Ohms).
- Maximum voltage : 45 V peak. - Maximum current : > 25 A peak.
These figures are valid for any level between 0 and nominal power.
- +/- 0.1 dB, 10 Hz - 1 MHz.
- +/- 1 dB, 6 Hz - 1.2 MHz.
- +/- 3 dB, 3 Hz - 1.4 MHz.

Enough power from the transformers is the trick.
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Goose Milk ?

Gold Mund ?

(aka Golden Mouth, for those who'd like to speak Germanski)

Btw, the case in the picture that Tommy posted shows 4 additional holes for output devices on the left, and 4 on the right side of the heatsink.
Mounting holes for 2 more amp modules, model standardisation again.
Same same for the extra sets of input/output holes in the back, left and right, cheaper.
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