2" rigid high density fiberglass for acoustic room treatments?

Does anybody know of sources for this commonly used diffuser/absorber?

I'm looking to make the DIY version of 8th Nerve's new Adapt Response Controllers for taming corner distortions.

Essentially, these treatments are simply 2" rigid high density fiberglass in wedge-shaped wooden frames. The room facing side is supposed to be solid/reflective, while the fiberglass is mounted on the backside. Any thin fabric can be stretched over the frames and/or the fronts can be painted or veneered.

As the pictures show, a small gap is supposed to exist between the panels and the associated walls to allow sound in.
I got some Owens Corning 703 in 2in thickness 2'x4' here in Augusta, GA at an insulation supply place. If I can get it here in small town USA you can surely get it in LA. Try a yahoo yellow pages search for insulation and start calling around to see if they will sell you small quantities. The Yahoo yellow pages category where I found the place here is:

Top > Business to Business > Construction and Real Estate > Thermal and Moisture Protection > Insulation > Supplies

Some places only sell to contractors so you have to call around.

toddsts said:
I got some Owens Corning 703 in 2in thickness 2'x4'

Tnak you for the tip, I had no clue what to ask for. Now, I can at least ask for the 703 or something similar.

Did you use it for acoustic treatments? If so, how did it work?

And what have you learned from experience?

Try a yahoo yellow pages search for insulation

That made it easy, took me about 20 seconds to find 5 major suppliers within 15 miles.

I think I'll toss together a few corner and seam brackets exactly like 8th Nerve's Response line. Just sew the cut insulation into some type of stretchable fabric and tack them into place.

If that works at all, then I'll make mountable brackets out of 1/4" or 1/2" x 2" wood.

It's interesting that they make the front room-facing side reflective and not absorbtive. So, it is the gap between the panel and the wall that allows soundwaves in, then the backside fiberglass traps and diffuses the normally reflected distortions.
Hmmm.....what have I done? Or what am I planning to eventually do? I read these forums, get great ideas, buy the stuff to do them and then never have time. :boggled: So I haven't used the 2" stuff yet. I have made some ceiling treatments and basic panels with 1" so far. Sort of like the old eighth nerve or michael green stuff, I use them for 1st reflections. It's not the easiest stuff to work with, cut, etc. But its not too bad. For some ideas, tips and examples, browse on over to audiocircle.com to the Acoustics Circle. There is plenty there on traps and other treatments with 703 and 705. Pay particular attention to info from Ethan Winer. He makes a bass trap product but also gives great advice to anyone on any acoustic issue you may have.

When I get my traps with 2" built I'll post some pictures and narrative. My plan is to create a small frame to form an 'L' on the back edge of the panel, actually two 2" panels together to form a 4" panel. This should give me enough solid material to keep the panel rigid and allow mounting of the outer fabric but still allow the panel to absorb plenty of sound as well. Don't hold you're breath waiting though. :gasp:

toddsts said:
Hmmm.....what have I done? Or what am I planning to eventually do? I read these forums, get great ideas, buy the stuff to do them and then never have time.

Don't feel bad, I have at least 4 projects that I've bought all or some the parts and never started:

1. a large wooden spool of 10awg flattened copper coil that I was going to wind my own DIY $$$ North Creek inductors - never happend (2 years and counting)
2. Mosfets, transformers, and 6 12" heatsinks for making Susan Parker's Zeus amp (5 months and counting)
3. A 2nd kit of Tube Lover's parallel TD1541A non-oversampling DAC w/ tube output stage (5 months)
4. a Brian GT Gainclone w/ transformers(3 months)
5. A quad of 211 transmitting tubes for a 1.kV+ 16W SET amp (3 months)

I can say with almost certainty, none of those will ever see fruition.:xeye:

I will also check out Audio Circle's archives for treatment info. 8th Nerve also has their forum there.

I'm probably going to make panel frames very similar to 8th Nerve's. It is the most common sense and simple approach.

I'll also post pictures if I ver get around to building something.