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2 Drip EQP1A PCB's. 2 DIY Faceplates & Original Knobs for sale

Alex Jones

2016-02-27 3:48 pm
Hi Guys.

I'm new here and this is my first post so please bear with me!

I have two Drip electronics EQP1A PCB's for sale, with homemade faceplates and Daca-ware knobs for both builds, for sale. (Check Pics of Knobs as I think four of them may not be original Pultec knobs)

I have no idea what to expect price wise but all in all I think I spent about €400 for this lot about 5/6 years ago.

I had originally set out to build the two of them but couldn't afford transformers and then my project studio closed down.

Any questions, feel free to ask. I'm only interested in hard **** currency, no swaps.

Thanks guys


  • PCB 1.jpg
    PCB 1.jpg
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  • Face Plates 1.jpg
    Face Plates 1.jpg
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  • Face Plates 2.jpg
    Face Plates 2.jpg
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  • Knobs 2.jpg
    Knobs 2.jpg
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