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2 DIY MonoBlocks for sale

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I have for sale:

2 DIY Monoblock power amplifiers.

Based on DIY-kits by Velleman. (kitnr K4010, for more info please visit http://www.velleman.be/Product.asp?lan=1&id=9193)
I have improved this amplifier by modifying the input amplifier, and replacing it by a better one, and by enlarging the elko capacity in the power supply for more stability. Inside, I have used quality silver cabling, and gold-plated connecors on the casing. All is neatly enclosed in a 19" rack casing.

Specifications are like Velleman, but will likely be better because of the improvents made. A summary from the specs on the site:

- Music Power: 300W/4ohm; 200W/8ohm
- RMS Power: 155W/4ohm; 100W/8ohm
- Harmonic distortion: 0.005%
- Damping factor: >600
- Input sensitivity: 1Vrms
- Signal to Noise ratio: 112dB (A-weigted)
- Frequency response: 3Hz - 120kHz
- DC and Shortcirquit protected
- Louspeaker-delay (anti-pop)
- Thermal protection
- Weight: +/- 10kg

The price (€ 450,- for both amps) is derived from the costs for the parts, minus the use. Both amps are approximately half a year old.



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Dear Harald,

I'm afraid that shipment will cost around € 45,-.. That will be using priority handling, insurance, etc. etc. The package will arrive in about one week I guess. Standard handling costs about €34,-. But then there won't be any insurance and all. Also, it'll tak the package about two weeks to arrive. But hey, If we can get to an agreement, I'm willing to take the cost for shipment for my own.

I'm selling them because I'm trying to free up some money to finance my aleph project. I'll have to do with a smaller amp in the time, but that's ok...

Pleas mail me on
My own mail addres , we'll talk about it.

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