2 conductor 24 awg

I came across some 2 conductor 24 wag wiring. They are claiming it is copper, but to me it looks like aluminum. Can this be used for hook up wire in a pre amp? Screenshot_20191211-203224_Facebook.jpg
This is what that wire is. It is pure copper wire
it’s the type of wire that the manufacturers use for wiring appliances and so forth

Appliance Wiring Material (AWM) consists of stranded, soft annealed copper conductors insulated with Polyvinylchloride (PVC). Constructions may be solid or stranded and are available in 1000 V (1kV) ratings. Canadian Standards Association (CSA) listed AWM-IA (Class I Group A) and TEW products are 600 V FT-1 rated.


2017-12-12 4:04 am
South Oz
I searched the AWM reference and there is a beldon one that looks similar.

Seems to be Tinned Copper Wire, which might be why it appears to be aluminium to you:


This is probably a newer standard than the wire you have, but might give you a clue anyway.


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