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2 BPA150 amplifier for sale


Paid Member
2002-12-08 10:31 am
I have 2 almost complete BPA150 Stereoamps for sale.

Pic´s are here

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/?saved=1

There is an Tauscher Torridal transformer (2x18V 250VA ).
The Transformer i can change to 115V Version , but cost extra 38 Euro.
Very noiseless Version from Tauscher

One big heat sink, both boards that are built up with Beyschlag resistors 1% and Rubycon capacitors.

The power supply boards have the 4 Roederstein 10000mF and on the BPA Pcb´are 4 pieces 2700mF Rubycon on each Channel
The bridge rectifier are from Motorola..

Instructions for the BPA150 / BPA300


Front plate: 327 w x 125h (6mm thickness)
Internal size : 300 w x 350 d x90 h (3 mm thickness top and bottom )
Side Wall 90mm h and 13mm thick
All aluminum anodized
4x Solid Ruber feet 2 sets binding posts 2 sets RCA posts
Weight it´s about 10kg.

I am asking 400Euro including shipping Europe Union
For many Question contact me.

Thanks for looking,