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2*1500W amp for sale

It is a dual mono 3 level Class D power amp with 50 Hz toroidal transformators. Has simmetrical XLR inputs, it produces 1500 W unclipped sinus power at 2,66 ohm load impedance.


full bridge, 8 pcs of FDP2552 in each chanel (150V 36mOhm), seperate common mode and differential mode output filter chokes (cold operation), overcurrent sensing depending on chip temperature (approx. 90 A at cold FETs, 60 A at 100 celsius chip), auto-reset with ~1s period. Max output voltage: Vdd-2V.

Bandwidth: 15Hz-30kHz (+0,5/-3dB), S/N aprox. 110 dB (based on hearing tests), distortion: tbd. Effective carrier freq: 370 kHz. Residual carrier: ~300 mVeff at no drive, ~1,5V at half drive.

soft-start, 1 ohm primer impedance trafo with 2*46VAC (128VDC) output, summa 19000 uF 200 V Nippon Chemicon elkos.

+ small signal supplies stabilised, power on sequence ensured by logic.


Output power and waveform:

Weight: 21 kg, height: 88 mm.

Location: Budapest, Hungary

If you have comments, questions, price-advising, please write to spafi(at)aramszu.net!