2.1 speaker drivers

Okay so i am planning on redoing my portabale speaker that i built a while ago with drivers that are half good and not taken from 5 or so sound systems, anyway i am looking for a good woofer and tweeter combo with or without a crossover (if not please link one too) with a subwoofer handling the lowwer frequencys but still want nice mellow mid tones, power is not a problem but cost and size are, preferabally 5inch or smaller for the mid bass driver
Does anyone know of any decent drivers that are loud in a small ish enclousure (2sqf or so)
Any help would be greatly appreciated


2013-05-10 4:11 pm
They are going to get tired of hearing this, but check out my LM-1 speaker kit I just posted. :)

The LM-1 is a small, two-way speaker system using a 1" ring radiator and 5 1/4" woven fiberglass mid-woofer. The frequency response and distortion measurements are truly reference grade, and suitable for music production, desktop or home theater use. The final cost to build is estimated at between $330 to $470 depending on if you buy or build the cabinets. Each speaker is approximately 12" H x 7.5" W x 10" D.