1st speaker build - BIB with ____ FR speaker?

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Hi all,
Just looking to cut my teeth building some speakers and think the BIB sounds like a perfect first-build design. I'm having trouble picking a speaker though, so if one of you in the know could please suggest a relatively affordable full-range speaker I would be most appreciative.

I listen to every type of music, electronic through classical, rock, hip hop, etc.
I have a T-amp I can use right now, and am thinking of building a small tube amp soon. I also have access to a yamaha stereo receiver.

Speaker Ideas:
-Pioneer BOFU?
-mark audio?
-Tang Band?

I read someone saying they were really happy with some Tang Band speakers in a BIB, but I'm open to anything. I'm located in Vancouver (Canada) if that makes any difference re: availability.

I really don't want to use a tweeter if I don't have to. A huge plus would be if there are speaker-optimized plans available too.

Thank-you all very much,
I'd take an efficient 4-5" driver. At least if you're going to be using a ~12V T-Amp. A 4-5" driver can get you the efficiency and bass output you want, while retaining good treble output. Smaller? Efficiency and bass issues. Bigger? Treble issues.

I'd say a 4.5" Fostex, such as the FE126En. Especially if you want to use a lower-power tube amp. Don't know if you'll find them affordable though?

The Pioneer B20FU20 is noticeably more affordable :) AFAIK most people use tweeters with those? They aren't TOO efficient either ... Still, they ought to work pretty well with a T-Amp - depending on the room and your listening habits. The BOFU is 90dB/W as far as I know — I have enjoyed little 87dB/W drivers driven by a T-Amp. It lacked volume and oomph sometimes, but it was worth it ... The BOFUs couldn't be that bad!

If you're willing to step up to a bigger amp, say 50-100W, then the sensitivity requirements are lowered significantly. Then I'd take a look at some of the Mark Audio-designed drivers. (I would personally not bother then with the Yamaha receiver – I'd go for a TK2050 Tripath amp, the far bigger and seriouser brother of the T-Amp.)

Hard to say. In the interest of getting something built - anything! - I'd get a pair of the Pioneer B20FU20's and rustle up a pair of BIBs! They won't suck. And even if they do suck, you'll at least have something to play music on while you build the next pair ...
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Cool. So how does this sound:

This week:
-B0FU BIB with T-amp

Next week:
-add helper tweeter

Next month:
-build tube amp + DAC combo to drive them

I'll just use the plans in the BOFU-BIB thread and get some OSB for the cabinets.

Thanks all, I'll post pics/my impressions when I get these done,
Well I will! Is there a generalized "how-to" or anything that walks through loudspeaker construction? Right now I'm assuming I need:
-OSB (oriented strand board)
-Speaker wire
-Speaker wire posts/mount plate
-wood glue

In addition to the obvious tools. Am I forgetting something/missing the boat?

Sweet, great help again guys, thanks. Ordering some stuff today, getting excited! Hopefully I'll have the cabinets (is that the term you'd use? Enclosure?) built this weekend, and if the drivers arrive in time then I'll be listening to them before Monday!

If you haven't already gathered, this is my first time building my own speakers so I'll have a lot of experimentation to do wrt room placement, stuffing, addition of tweeter, etc. Not to mention purchasing these is guaranteed to light a fire under my SET amp building as$.

The really crazy part is I haven't even started yet and I'm already planning my second build ha; if everything with these goes according to plan I'd love to build a saburo/hiro/chang variant soon too!

Thanks again to everyone who's been helping out, I'm really thankful - I'm sure these are going to turn out rad.
>>> The really crazy part is I haven't even started yet and I'm already planning my second build ha...

LOL! I have lost count on my builds and continue to imagine and plan things. Most are never built but they provide an exercise and keep me out of trouble... tho i am in much more trouble than i care to discuss these days.

You'll have sketches all over your desk, constantly think about what to buy next and parts always on order. You'll learn how to build great sounding speakers costing much less than commercial designs and enjoy them with your amps... It's a great hobby!
Ok, so I got skunked out of some 3/4" OSB so I had to settle for MDF :(. Whatever - it means my second set of speakers will sound that much better than my first!

These things are huge. I'm delighted :D! Borrowed a table-saw from a neighbour and got the boards cut last night, now I'm just about to mock them up and glue/clamp. Drivers didn't arrive in time for the weekend, but my jigsaw-owning neighbours are away too haha, so it's all good.

Thanks for the help everyone, I'll take a picture of the finished product and post impressions sometime next week.
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