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19J6 Tubes for Pete Millett's Starving Student Amp

Okay , So here is what I have left now.

I have a mismatched set of Phillips and Tungsol. The structure is very similar and the both use horizontal getters. They have the same style of flashing. There is a difference in the angle of the getter support. My guess is same factory, different date. Test 82-120 Phillips and 109-120 Tungsol.

I have a pair of RCAs that test 75-108 and 98-117.

I have a single RCA Victor that tests 115-82

My take is that since the sections are used in parallel, matching is not that important. You be the judge.
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I found a few more of these if anyone is interested. I put a pair of RCAs on flea bay and I'd happly sell them for less here. Mostly RCAs with a Phillips and a westinghouse and a Tungsol. (They are all in boxes and appear to be NOS. I dont have any more 7 pin tube sockets)

This is an old thread but I'm posting 1/30/2019.

They ship from Phoenix. Domestic postage should still be less than 5 bucks.
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