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1990s Audio Gear Blowout near Zip 17402

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My friend's mother is moving. Her late husband had a ton of gear. I remember all the stuff from when we were teenagers. Here is a list of what is remaining. If you are interested, PM me. If there is something you want, make a REASONABLE offer. I'm doing this as a favor and I'm not getting paid for my time. I have access to boxes and packing materials for shipping. Local pickup is ok too. Not all items are from the 1990s, but some vintage gear, a juke box and Bally Bingo machine is in the list.

Some photos available. I can obtain more photos if needed.

Please PM.

Type Make Model Condition Notes
Linear Tracking Turntable Carrera Lt-120 Good
Surround Sound Receiver Pioneer VSX-9500S Good
10 Disc Changer Sony CDP-C100 Good Qty 2
LaserDisc Pioneer LD-W1 Good
Single Cassette Deck Sony TC-R503 Good
10 Disc Changer Sony CDP-C10 Good
LaserDisc Pioneer CLD-1010 Good Qty 2
Linear Tracking Turntable Pioneer PL-V70 Good Qty 2
Surround Sound Receiver Pioneer VSX-9300 Good Qty 2
BETA Sony SL-HF400 Good
Turntable Denon DP-52F Good
Sonic Hologram Generator Carver C-9 Good
8 Track Pioneer RH-65 Good
Receiver Technics SA-5270 Good
Amp Yamaha M-35 Moisture damage on knobs and top
Qty 2
Surround Sound Processor Yamaha DSP-1 Moisture Qty 2
Amp Yamaha B-6 Pyramid Good
Bingo Machine Bally Acapulco Good
Juke Box Rock-Ola 447 Good
Speaker Pair Klipsch KLF 30 Fair
Speaker Pair KEF 107 Fair
Speaker Center Channel Klipsch Good
Speaker Pair Fried Poor
Some pics. I have had requests for additional photos that I will be obtaining this week. 20191018_164807.jpg 20191018_164748.jpg 20191018_164725.jpg 20191018_162816.jpg 20191018_161259.jpg 20191018_160352.jpg
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.