1988 Yamaha ax 700 intgrated amp


2012-12-24 5:32 pm
I need to replace the two Elna 18000uf 71 volt caps with 4 pins and cannot find a replacement that will fit the circuit board. I've re-capped lots of equipment with exact replacements that fits .This time I'll have to go a different route. If I was to buy lets say 18000uf 5 pin 80 volt and can figure out a way to mount them laying down can I run wires from one + and one - terminal of each cap to the + and - on the circuit board without any problems and leave the other 2 mounting holes on the circuit board blank ? The 63 volt 4 pin 35mm width are readily available,however,I obviously cant use them as that voltage is too low for the circuit so I must go with 80 to 100 volt caps. Thanks for any help would be appreciated !