1978 Radio Shack catalog

It's interesting looking at the prices for that stuff - a lot of which wouldn't be regarded as very 'high-end' nowadays...or those days either.
Just to put things in perspective-a quick search got the info that the average monthly rent in 1978 was $260, average US annual salary was $10k.
So those crappy 8-tracks and transistor radio/cassette combos were half a month's rent, or half a week's income (before taxes).
Some things I don't miss!!


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2004-10-07 6:05 am
Crikey! That makes me feel old. I was shopping for over priced resistors in London Tandy stores the year you were born.

About the time you were buying the overpriced resistors, I got my very first CD player at a Tandy shop in Paris. Feast your eyes on this beauty!


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2004-11-27 4:04 am
From my year of birth - 1980 Radio Shack Catalog

... and the "Archer" components - 5 resistors in a little cardboard sleeve for about 5 times the cost :) Of course, as a kid, i bought it because there was nowhere else at the time.

Exactly! I remember walking into King George Electronics in St-Hubert (or Beloeil?) and was floored! It was like, Radio Shack times three plus tons of stuff they didn't even have!
That place no longer sells this kind of stuff. Oh the memories...

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2004-11-27 4:04 am
My early pre-teen mono-block experience




John L.

What's this? Thou shalt not plug the Digital Music source into the Vacuum-induced heating electron-emitting device amplifier... Mono Garrard turntable only. Or AM or FM tuner. No multiplex allowed.

wow. 34$ in 1959. That's almost ten times as much today. And harder to come by in those days!