1974 Richard Allan CG 12 Help!!!!

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Hi diyAudio guru's!

I found a set of Richard Allan CG12's at the local dump, the cabinets were ruined due to moisture and only being made out of chip board,

I am wondering if there is anyone out there that knows what the values of the 12 inch woofer (pics below) would be?

I am wondering if they would be a good base for an OB project?

Thanks for all of your assistance.:D


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Hi, There is a link on here to some specs http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/multi-way/33249-richard-allan-speakers-t-s-parameters-attached.html

Depending on the year, the specs "may" be different. For eg, i've seen it rated at between 30W - 100W. Plus i expect the T/S will also be different too.

I know yours are from 1974, but i havn't been able to clarify the data for then !

RA made some excellent sounding drivers, i know because i built a pair of cabs with HD15's & HD12T's Supers as Bass & Mids with Motorola Piezo's for disco use, back in the day :) They never gave me a moments trouble, & i received Many compliments about the sound. Shame they are not around any more :(

Make sure they are FULLY dried out, & then operate them on LOW power at first to see if they are damaged. Let us know how you go ;)
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I managed to also save the mid and tweeter along with the original crossovers.

are you absolute 100% certain those woofers cannot work in their present state :confused:

if the really are no good, you might just as well try and save them and a do a little mod job on the cone

most likely not dipole woofers
but if thats your intention, then a little cone modding might help in that direction

but only when you have made sure they wont work as is
they dont look so bad to me
thanks tinitus.

the boxes these had been mounted in were not usable. The cones now they have been been gently dried as suggested by Zero D seem to work fine.

All other components, mid, HF drivers and XO's are in excellent condition considering their age.

Strangely, the cabinet design was an upside down configuration, with the bass at the top, followed by the mid and the tweeter.

I have an almost identical pair of speakers but the center of each has been doped, would this make them full range?

Hi radiosmuck. I am not sure, but looking at the T/S parameters, I would say not. There is a fantastic expert who resides in the fullrange forums (Bill Brines) who maybe able to shed some further light. The T/S parameters can be found here - Richard Allan speakers. T-S parameters attached. Good luck :)
Wow! And I got mine for free! And mine are the supers, wahoo! I have had mine cleaned and they now look as good as the ones you linked to!

Seriously though. I did ask the fullrange forum if these would be ideal in an OB here - New OB build - RA CG12 Super but recieved a reasonably negative reply, it was suggested that they could be used in a large bass horn instead, but I would still ask Bob if he thinks that with the treatment yours have had if they would then be suitible for FR. Good luck.
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Hi radiosmuck,the bakelizing of the paper cone at the apex is used to prevent creases from occurring as a result of high forces applied from the voice coil.It is a well established practice throughout the speaker industry.The Richard Allan speakers CG12 and the CG12 Super are bass speakers.An alternative model fitted with an inner tweeter cone,the CG12T offered an extended range.
I wonder if anyone can help me with my Richard Allen Atlas 12
I picked them out of a homemade PA cabinet, made after specs.
There is a slight buzz. However, the speakers looks to be in mint condition.
I am pretty sure that they have had a very long time in storage, without any use.
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