1950s Electro-Voice speakers


2008-01-15 1:28 am
I bought a couple of MC-30s at an estate sale and these monster speaker cabinets were included. Each contains a 15" woofer (EV - 15W), 2 horns (EV T25A & EV T35), 2 sealed crossovers and L-pads. They are really built well. And they work! I have all the paperwork and even a letter from Electro-Voice to the gentleman who built the systems.

I have taken several pictures and posted them online at Flickr. Here's the link. http://www.gefenproductions.com/mark/speakers.html

I don't have the room (translated - wife) to keep these monsters. What should I do with all of this? Build something with just the horns? Sell them? Throw it all away?

Greensboro, NC